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The "Rock" mattress is a premium mattress designed for those who prefer a firm sleeping surface. It features high-density foam, known for its durability and firm support, to provide a favorable sleeping experience.

Construction: Superior comfort layer: The mattress is covered in luxurious, breathable fabric for added comfort and a soft touch. High-Density Foam Layer: The core of the mattress is made of a thick layer of high-density foam, designed to provide exceptional support and maintain its shape over time.

Comfort Layers: Additional comfort layers can be incorporated to improve pressure relief and contouring, providing a balance of support and comfort. BioFoam: The mattress may use eco-friendly or organic foam, which is made in part from plant-based materials, as an eco-friendly choice.

Firmness and feel: The "Rock" mattress is designed to be super firm, providing a solid and supportive feeling. High-density foam contributes to the overall firmness level, providing a stable surface for proper spinal alignment and reduced motion transfer.

Benefits: Durability: High-density foam is known for its long-lasting performance, retaining its shape and structural integrity for years. Support: The firmness of the mattress helps promote proper spinal alignment, relieving pressure points and reducing the risk of discomfort or pain. Motion isolation: High-density foam absorbs and isolates motion, allowing for peaceful sleep, especially for couples sharing the bed.

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