Our Family History

Chévous is much more than just a store, it reflects our family background and our commitment to our customers. Formerly known as Meubles N2RM, we have chosen to change our name while remaining true to our roots and our commitment to quality and service.

A Family Evolution

From humble beginnings, we've grown with the love and support of our community. It all started with a vision and a passion for furniture, and over the years we have built a space where our customers can find unique and inspiring pieces for their homes.

Engaged Owners

Although our name has changed, our owners remain the same. We are proud to be a family business, with values that are reflected in everything we do. Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience, based on trust and quality.

From Our Beginnings to Today

Our adventure started small, but our determination and commitment to our customers have made us who we are today. Each step of our journey has allowed us to learn, grow and improve, in order to better meet your ever-changing needs.

Serving the Community

Chévous is much more than just a furniture store. We are an active member of our community, committed to bringing a warm and personal touch to every interaction. Our team is here to guide you in your search for the perfect piece of furniture, taking into account your unique needs and preferences.

An Inspiring Future

As we embrace this new chapter as Chévous, we remain deeply committed to our vision of providing quality furniture and exceptional service. Our history is living proof of our commitment to making your home a warm and welcoming place.

Thank you for being part of our story. At Chévous, we are here to serve, inspire and create spaces that look like you.