Ladder shelf - 4 levels - Dark brown and black

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Ladder Shelf, 4-Tier Shelf, Storage Shelves, Bathroom, Living Room, Industrial Accent Furniture, Steel Frame, Rustic Dark Brown and Black.

Something certain: Some furniture looks great, but isn't very practical. Others are functional, but look cold and boring. Not that Ladder shelf, though - with warm, rustic wood tones and 4 stable shelves, you get the best of both worlds.

Perfect design : Sturdy matte black steel frame, X-bars and dark brown rustic shelves - the mix of styles makes this stylish bookcase stand out; it has individual character, remarkable durability and a high load-bearing capacity of 11 lbs per level.

Let your imagination to work: The steps widen from top to bottom, providing plenty of room for creativity: stock the shelves with potted plants, books, decorations or picture frames for a unique storage medium. span>

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