Extendable Dining Table - 33"x 47"-71" - White Ceramic / Black Metal


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Immerse yourself in modern elegance with our extendable dining table, sporting a white ceramic top and matching legs, offering contemporary aesthetics and innovative functionality. The combination of the sumptuous white ceramic top and matching legs creates a striking contrast, adding a sophisticated touch to your dining space.

Featuring a rotary opening mechanism, this table offers a smooth user experience and exceptional adaptability. Whether for intimate family meals or lively receptions with friends, this table adapts to your needs with ease.


  • Closed: 47 inches (120 cm) in length
  • Open: 71 inches (180 cm) in length
  • Width: 33 inches (85 cm)
  • Height: 30 inches (75 cm)

Redefine the dining experience in your home with this extendable dining table in ceramic white and matching legs. Its sophisticated design and innovative rotary opening mechanism make it an exceptional choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their dining room.

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